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Injury Update: Chris McCann's Knee Fracture

The man in form in our midfielder will now more than likely miss the rest of the season. That is a massive loss for the club especially after the loss of Ben Watson a few weeks ago. The club are starting to run short of experienced midfielders.

Jan Kruger

The game was full of passion especially from the Wigan end as we hard battled against Manchester City to win the quarter final game. As the first half came to a close, the ball broke into the Wigan box with Micah Richards closing it down, in jumped Chris McCann in a full blooded challenge.

Both players hit the floor in pain, and it looked very much like McCann had come of the worse of the two parties. Yet with the magic sponge treatment, Chris was back on his feet till half time. That was the last we saw as Leon Barnett took to the pitch in Chris's place for the second half.

The worry was that it could be a serious injury, yet we all hoped it wasn't anything serious.

The news today shows just how bad it is. A fracture of the patella, and a multiple one at that, will mean the end of Chris's season for the club and more than likely the player undergoing some form of surgery if the break has become displaced.

It is a huge blow for the club and we wish McCann all the best for his recovery. The player has been a shinning light in the recent Uwe Rosler revolution, scoring two goals and truly finding his feet along side Ben Watson and James McArthur.

Here is Uwe talking about Chris ahead of the Wednesday game.