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Paper Talk: Jack Rodwell Wigan Target?

With the club now down to senior midfielders, the rumors are circulating that Wigan and Uwe Rosler are lining up another loan signing before end of March to fill the gap. Is it likely? I take a look at just how good an option a 6th loan signing would be.

Paul Thomas

Here are the facts then surrounding our midfield. We have two players out, Ben Watson and Chris McCann, both of whom have been massive for the team in recent weeks. With Watson out injured Ryan Tunnicliffe was brought in to fill the gap and keep our numbers up. Rumors are that we are now looking to plug the gap with the loss of Chris McCann.

Question has to be asked why?

First of all we do have other players who can come in an fill the gap. Roger Espionza, Frazer Fyvie, Rob Kiernan and Daniel Redmond can all do a job in the center of the midfield, under the right circumstances they could flourish under Uwe Rosler.

Once you then add the returning to fitness of Nick Powell and the long awaited return of Shaun Maloney, bringing someone else in just seems pointless completely. When the pair of them have got a couple of games in their bags they will be part of Uwe's plans for the club and defiantly be a big boost in our midfield.

So the addition of the under achieving Jack Rodwell really does make me wonder what Rosler has seen in our other midfielders. Since Rodwell's move to Manchester City from Everton two years ago the player has yet to really hit the high life with some very long term injuries, and now with City having a well established midfield Rodwell can't fight his way back in.

Speaking after the game last night Rosler didn't commit himself either way to an answer about Rodwell. It would be a massive scoop if we could get him in. Considering the wages that Rodwell will be on, and the fact that one of the six loan signings that we then would have would have to be left out each week, the signing makes less sense.

I do feel though that there could be more to follow on this story, so keep a look out.