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Art of Football Wigan Athletic T-Shirts

Art of Football

Ahead of the clubs FA Cup semi-final match with Arsenal Art of Football are producing two t-shirts to commemorate last season FA Cup win, and the Latics quarter final triumph over Manchester City. They are exquisite t-shirts which really do give you the buzz from the two wins.

There are a limited number of the quarter final tshirts to be add an are retailing at £20, whereas the FA Cup Final tshirt will continue to be on sale and retail at £25.

Art of Football outline their ethos as the following:

Our hand crafted designs try to emulate the beauty of those split second moments, the moments you never forget, as we look to capture the energy, passion and euphoria that erupts from that one magical kick of a football. We only produce a limited number of each design, so your T shirts, like any good piece of art, are exclusive and completely original.

The two designs I think you will agree are fantastic. Wigan_cup_1_medium

Ben Watson grabs the winner.


Perch score to make it 2-1

The t-shirts are available from: