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Uwe Rosler Receives Award Ahead of Emotional Weekend

Everything is clicking into place nicely for Wigan at this point of the season, and this weekend's quarter final FA Cup tie, just has a note of a fictional book plot. Last years FA Cup winners, against the beaten finalists; one of City's golden boys returning to the club; and Latics back on the up. It will be a very interesting game.

He doesn't wear shorts!
He doesn't wear shorts!
Clint Hughes

Uwe Rosler has been very quick in the past few days to say that there is no pressure of the team what so ever going into the weekend. That I think every single Wigan support would like to echo, lads just do your best, if we lose we couldn't care less. It really is a bit of a free pass this weekend, a loss isn't the end of the world and a win is a massive bonus.

With that all said and done, I am sure last season FA Cup heroes will want to show that last May wasn't a fluke. While Uwe Rosler will be wanting show his footballing home just what kind of a manger he has become over the past few years.

Manchester City was where the German striker really made his mark during a four year period at the club. Loved by the fans, he was inaugurated into their hall of fame in 2009. They also backed their former player to the hilt during Rosler's fight against cancer.

Rosler fondly tells the moment when the battle turned, when his mobile phone rang after a dose of chemotherapy. A friend from Manchester was ringing him to let him hear the support as the City fans cheered their former player on to recovery.

This weekend will be Rosler's first return to City in the opposition dugout.

Before all what is to come though, Rosler had the small matter of being nominated as manager of the month for February. Rightly so the manager received the award, the manager and his back room staff have worked very hard with the group of lads we have at the club and the rewards are beginning to show.

What was once very incoherent and unfit team under Owen Coyle, is a well motivated and energetic machine under Rosler. Some may argue that Coyle never was really given a chance to bed his new squad together fully. Yet in the space of four months, Rosler has completely turned the team around, and pointed us back in the direction of the quality of football we can play.

Ahead of what is going to be a big weekend of the gaffer, I think we should acknowledge just how much he has done in such a short space of time. Slowly but surely I am beginning to feel confident again in our team.