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Season Review: Historical Season For Wigan Athletic

We thought the 2012/13 season was a big one, well 2013/14 turned out to be just as big. We are Wigan Athletic and we are making history!

Clive Brunskill

As the dust slowly settles after what has been a 62 long game season, the players will be more than likely sat at home as I write this after a light session this afternoon, what comes to light is a season were we yet again made history. Did we think that this season would go how it has? If you did then I hope you won a good chunk of money on it!

As we never looked quiet like it would end this way for us. In truth had it all gone so well early on then things could have been very very different for us this season. As much as Owen Coyle was the wrong man in the job here at Wigan, he did one thing very well, and that was his summer recruitment programme.  Had Grant Holt managed to find his shooting boots this year, things could have gone very very differently.

There was still hope right up until the moment Shaun Maloney was ruled out for the majority of the season. Shaun was by far our best player at the start of the year, and had he been able to keep fit again this could have been different. My biggest disappointment of the year was not seeing Shaun tearing it up in Europe, that is how it goes though.

The Rosler change was important, and as always Dave Whelan didn't make the same mistake. The Chairman always knows when to switch it, the last time he took swift action with a manager was when Chris Hutchingson was in charge and Steve Bruce came into replace him. Yet again it looks like Whelan got the right man, so far anyway.

Our change in form and play was miraculous and in all fairness to Uwe and the backroom staff at the club, they got very ounce of ability and energy out of our lads legs over their time this season. The stats don't like under Rosler we have won 19, drawn 9 and lost 9, that is a win percentage of 51% a fantastic record to have from this season, boosted massively though from our FA Cup run.

That cup run could arguably be what stopped us from gaining promotion. Extra games, we ended up playing more or less two games a week, and the lost of Chris McCann against Manchester City. Would we change it though? If any of you would then I will have to say I think you are massively wrong.

Which ever way you look at it, this season has been a huge success. I never felt we would get automatic promotion so play-offs is about right, Europa League was an underachievement but what a ride that was! and finally the FA Cup run, we defended that cup to the death and I am massively proud of this club for it.

Next season is going to be huge and I have massive amounts of optimism for us to do well. We have some really talented players, but lads to come back from injury add in players who will be joining us over the summer we will have an exciting squad. You can never know with Championship football, but we have to aim big next season and keep looking up. This year was a re-build and a stepping stone, we already have the foundations of a team that can achieve and more importantly knows how to. Add a striker who can hit the back of the net and we have a recipe for success.

Last season we won the FA Cup, this season we played in Europe, reached the semi final of the FA Cup, and made the play-offs.

We don't have history, we make!