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Paper Talk: Wigan Could be Stuck With Grant Holt

So the saga continues....

Alex Broadway

Oh dear! When we want to keep players we can never keep them, and when we want to get rid of players we can't even give them away for free! That seems to be the situation we have gotten ourselves into with Mr Grant Holt. The striker yet again appears to be pushing interest out the door as we look to be lumbered with him for next season.

That maybe a little harsh but the striker just doesn't appear interested to play for Wigan Athletic. A below par performance last weekend resulted in him being dropped from the trip to Germany and remaining with the development squad with the message being, get fit and get out of our club.

It looked to be developing nicely with Sam Allardyce showing interest. We were prepared to go as low as £500,000 to sell the striker (had been a few whispers that we may give him away for nothing), and it looks as though West Ham United were prepared to do a deal and had no problem with Holt's wages.

Then their Chairman got involved and then said no thanks as the player isn't fit enough.

As it stands it looks like we are stuck. We need Holt's wages off the bill so we can bring someone new in, so do we incorporate him in the team for start of season thinking we can't sell him? Or do we risk it and bring someone in? The news over the past couple of days has been that Chris Wood of Leicester City could be a possible target.

The reported fee of £2 million doesn't seem feasible to me for this club at the moment, should Holt go though a move could be on.