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Confirmed Transfers: Holt Finds New Pasture With Meadows

Two players leaving the club in the past week, well one at least another who may have slipped through the net at the club which is a very sorry affair considering how well thought of he was by the youth coaches here.

Alex Broadway

First off to the big news that broke over the weekend, and no pigs can't fly but we have come close, Grant Holt has left the building. The striker who's morale at the club has dropped lower than the very depths of hell, has been moved on for the time being at least. A player signed with so much promise under Owen Coyle has never reproduced it at Wigan and now Huddersfield Town take up the mantle to try and change things for the striker from Carlise.

Holt moves to the Yorkshire club on a short term basis, although Huddersfield manager Chris Powell was impressed with the strikers half an hour performance at the weekend and is already talking about extending the strikers stay with them. Good news for Wigan to remove a very highly payed player from our books.

Now to other news and one I find a bit mystifying. Young Ryan Meadows, the 19 year old midfielder, has been allowed to leave the club. He was a player who for some looked like a possible club star as he came through the ranks and was part of the Europa League team which flew out to play Slovenian side Maribor.

Yet Ryan as a Wigan player has finished. It was reported yesterday by Sky Sports that the player had left, and doing some digging, well it looks like he has. The midfielder was a named player for Sheffield Wednesday's development squad as they won 3-1 against Bristol City, and Ryan got on the score sheet as well!

So two out, and with the size of our squad expect more players out the door.