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Paper Talk: Maloney and Delort Generating Interest?

Speculation continues to circulate that two more of our attackers could be set to leave the club. Oh great just what we need when a team needs goalscorers.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Shaun Maloney has been a player linked with a move away from the club for quite a while. Clubs from Everton, Leicester City and even Celtic have been interested in signing the player over the past and now.

The talk now is that Maloney wants out and that we as a club have said we want £1 million for the player. There have gone onto be several enquiries for the player from other clubs and Leicester have been the ones coming across most vocal about signing the player. They reportedly have yet to meet our valuation.

Delort is a different kettle of fish altogether. We fought hard to get his signature in the summer and after such limited chances and two managers who seem to think he isn't good enough to start for this team, he looks set to be moved on.

Both Charlton Athletic and Wolverhampton Wanderers are looking now to be back in for the player who cost us £3 million in the summer.

Letting Maloney go makes sense with only six months left on his contract getting something for the player who hasn't really hit the mark this season for us isn't bad business. Delort though is a player who hasn't been given enough time here and for the life of me I don't know why, he is such a raw talent who could prove to be the difference when push comes to shove at the end of the season.