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Paper Talk: Maloney's Move and Attacking Interest

The Shaun Maloney saga is slowly coming to a conclusion with a deal likely to be done, and we have reported interest in a Dutch based striker.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

We may have done the Shaun Maloney for the last time at the weekend as the long expected departure of one of our star players is set to be completed. The Scotland international who really hasn't performed all that well domestically for us, has been a star on the international stage for Scotland. That has kept teh interest flowing for Maloney and the player wants to leave the club, and at the moment who can blame him.

The destination currently appears to be Leicester City with the Midlands club coming in with a second offer which is reported to all but meet out £1 million price tag of Shaun. Not bad considering we paid Celtic the same figure for him three years ago now.

Our personal interest though is reportedly being aimed at QPR's Matt Phillips and Feyenoord striker Mitchell te Vrede. You may know that Matt Phillips is a relation to our beloved Emmerson Boyce so maybe he could have some bearing on any move we make for the winger, reports suggest that we and QPR could agree a loan deal till the end of the season.

Now to Feyenoord striker Mitchell te Vrede, reports coming from Dutch press suggest that the striker is available and that we are looking to sign him. A fee in the region of £1 million has been floating about and for a striker who has only played 18 times conversely he has scored eight goals; that has been since a 2012 move to the club.

Could tomorrow be a busy day?