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Confirmed Transfer: Ben Watson Joins Watford

Well it was likely to happen but our FA Cup hero has left the club, thank you Ben for everything.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

May 11th 2013, 90th minute of the FA Cup final as Wigan Athletic's Shaun Maloney lines up a corner kick. In comes the freekick and a flash of red, as a ginger Ben Watson beats the entire Manchester City team to the ball to head the ball home.

That moment will go down in the greatest moment in Wigan Athletic history, and Ben Watson and Wigan legend no matter what.

With his contract up in six months and a chance for him to move closer to home down south, it is probably for a best for both the club and for Ben that he is leaving. More than likely one of our higher earners and with his legs looking a little bit slower than they have done before, being of our wage bill will open up space for someone else to come in.

So the deal is that the club will allow Ben to join Watford till end of the season, and then he will sign for them when his contract is up. The fee is nothing, Watford will though pay his entire wages whilst he is there for the next six months.

Thank you Ben, forever a Wigan legend. His ginger hair will definitely be missed. I am going to leave you with just what Ben just managed to do.