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Confirmed Transfer: Shaun Maloney Joins Chicago Fire

The exodus starts continues as another FA Cup hero departs the club, this is getting a bit depressing now.

Ryan Browne/Getty Images

Oh Shaun Maloney, you saved our club in your first season with us. You became the lynch pin of a team which will forever go down in the memories of we Wigan fans. That goal against Manchester United and the subsequent celebration will be one of my fondest memories of your time here. That is of course only trumped by you wonderful corner kick against Manchester City for Ben Watson to head home from.

I see why you have been sold. With only six months left and you being one of our highest earners the chance to make some money is much too easy for the club. There is no reported fee however it will be somewhere close to the £1 million mark that Chicago Fire have paid.

Maloney's departure following on from that of Ben Watson and Roger Espionza is sparking the mass exodus of the FA Cup hero's, and almost the resignation of the club that we are going to have to go through some changes if we are now to survive financially with our current league difficulties.

So thank you Shaun for three years of wonderful service and wish you all the best in your new American adventure.