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Paper Talk: Liam Ridgewell Set For Return to England

It is no big secret that we could do with some defensive improvement, but is the West Bromwich Albion player really the answer?

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Malcky Mackay, and out own defence, have made no secret about the fact that we need to bring an experienced centre back in to the club currently. Well is the former Aston Villa, Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion player the answer?

The player defiantly packs the experience. Liam Ridgewell has over 300 games to his name at the top two levels of the English game and was a player was hinted as making it into the England team. He wasn't though always known for his reliability shall we say.

The player has made 15 appearances since his move across the Atlantic in the summer and could be looking to try and keep himself fit ahead of the new MLS season. That works into both ours and Portland Timbers hands, we need someone in on a short term deal and they will get their defender fit and ready for start of their season.

The could be some legs to this one, so watch this space.