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Paper Talk: Wigan Expecting Third Perch Bid

With the mass exodus of players seeming to have slowed over the past week or so, you could be excused for thinking that maybe the squad was more or less complete. Well it appears there is one more player who could be close to leaving.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

James Perch for me has been one the stand out players over the past two seasons since signing from Newcastle United. The one thing you can never question about Perchy is his determination or work rate combine that with his ability to make those last ditch tackles and you have a very accomplimshed player. Add in a burst of pace and a good range of passing and we have our massively versatile captain.

Perch is obviously someone who if possible the club would like to keep. However with his wages now likely to be only rivaled by that of the injured Grant Holt, if and when the right offer comes in Perch will be moved on; much like everyone else this season.

So far Queens Park Rangers have twice tried to sign the player from us and both times we have said no thank you. The reported fees involved are someway wide of the mark of the club's valuation of our captain. Reports today though are suggesting that QPR will be back in for Perch with yet another improved offer.

So does he stay or does he go? Personally I would very much like Perch to stay and be the lynch pin of this team for the forthcoming season. Yet if a team does match our valuation, then I could see him very easily walk out the door.