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Paper Talk: QPR Turned Down Again For James Perch

Well they eventually came back in today for James Perch and rumors of how low a fee they have been offering appear to be true.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

QPR won't stop on their pursuit of James Perch, yet Wigan Athletic and James Perch are happy to keep on turning them down. Jim White from Sky Sports has confirmed tonight, via his twitter that a third bid has been turned down; and gives some clue to how much it will take for us to say yes to QPR.

Rumors around the first two bids had suggested that QPR were only looking to pay between £100,000 to £200,000 for our captain. The club of course no the true value of the player and that having him in the team could make a huge difference to our forthcoming season.

James Perch is entering the last year of his contract since joining the club three years ago for around £700,000. If we do manage to keep hold of him, which it looks very much like the club want to do; he would be a huge and integral part of any promotion campaign we have.

Watch this space though.