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Club News: Owen Coyle Departs as Wigan Manager

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Was this the managers choice? Or the owners choice? Or did the fans leave no doubt in the mind of the chairman after a resounding vocal plea from the Wigan fans.

Chris Brunskill

Reports as early as ten o'clock last night hinted that our manager Owen Coyle had been told to clean out his desk and leave the DW Stadium for good having only been in charge for six months. Websites and media outlets galore where jumping on the band wagon and the pace of the story was defiantly building.

Earlier this morning the clubs official supporters club stated that no news was coming out directly from Wigan. Roll forward about half an hour and the club has now confirmed the story.

Owen Coyle has left Wigan Athletic by mutual consent.

The fans have gotten what they want. Lets hope the next manager can come in and rebuild the link between the fans and the club, something that Owen Coyle seems to have managed to have torn apart.

For the time being Graham Barrow and Sandy Stewart will take charge of the team, and will manage the team for the game against Leeds United on Wednesday night.