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Club News: Malky MacKay Appointed New Wigan Athletic Manager

This morning we said that he would be given a chance to interview, well he had been given the job. This could get interesting.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Dave Whelan may have just isolated a huge portion of our fan base with the appointment of a manager which is more controversial than helpful. In a time when we need a manager to unite us and to bring us under one banner, Whelan has blanked the clear media and public opinion of Malky MacKay and named him manager, whether that is rightly or wrongly.

On pure footballing terms it is hard to argue against the appointment, and you would even say that it is an extremely astute move by the chairman to get a manager who will actually probably on a lower wage due to lack of demand for him. The flip side now is the media out cry that we are going to have against the club, which is not something we need.

Add to that about MacKay still to face FA charges over the allegations.

Dave Whelan speaking to the official clubs site said:

He is the man to lead us back into the Premier League, I am convinced of that having met him and discussed the demands of the job ahead of him.

"He has led a team out of the Championship before and he knows this league inside out having played and managed in it. His achievements at Cardiff City were magnificent and we need a strong leader who will command the respect of a very experienced and talented dressing room – and he is the man to do it. I am delighted we have secured the services of someone who has so much to give to the game."

Source: Wigan Official Site

When asked about the controversy surrounding, our now new manager, Dave Whelan had this to say:

"I know that this appointment will draw criticism in some quarters but we go into it with our eyes open and we have nothing to hide on this subject.

"Malky made a mistake, he knows that, we know that and we have discussed this issue at length face to face. He apologised publicly for what happened at the time and has paid for what he did in terms of the bad publicity he has received since and will no doubt continue to suffer in the future.

Source: Wigan Official Site

As of yet there is no official statement for the man himself, surely in the next few hours and days there will be something from the Scotsman. But what do you guys think, has he been the right appointment? Do we live and forgive and back the manager? Or has Dave Whelan lost his marbles at the Caribbean hotel he owns?