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Club News: Kick It Out Call for FA Response to Manager Appointment

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Well we have all had a few hours for this to settle in now, and well it appears that a majority of the clubs fans are actually backing Mackay. The media and the press though wish to continue his vilification.

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It isn't that much of a surprise if you think about it, this was always bound to happen. Dave Whelan being Dave Whelan doesn't care one thing about what others think about what he does for this club, all he sees is the business side of it. In light of our history with the chairman more times than not he has gotten things like this right, but maybe this time he has gone too far.

You could probably start to accuse me of discrediting the manager before he has even begun his job, and well you would probably be right in some respects. I am, but come the weekend and his first game in charge against Middlesbrough FC all will be forgotten by me and I imagine most of the press.

That is exactly how Mr Whelan is looking at it, that if Mackay gets results and shows remorse then this can all be forgiven. Kick It Out though suggest not.

The campaign which focuses on including all in football, and which is massively back by the club, have said we have massively disregarded the FA's current investigation to Malky Mackay. Can it be first pointed out that Mackay himself has admitted wrong doing, which therefore proves guilt, and has apologised, as to why no action has been taken only the FA can answer that.

Kick It Out have asked for the FA to now wade in and say how they stand on the situation, knowing the FA they will more than likely now take the investigation seriously as Mackay is an active member of the footballing community. Dave Whelan has stated though if Mackay has been found of any wrong doing, other than which already admitted, there is a release clause in his contract.

This story is going to keep on running and running. But what do you think? Is Mackay the right appointment?