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Club News: FA to Investigate Dave Whelan

Well he has done it now, any credibility for what we had done by signing Mackay has gone right out of the window.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Oh Dave Whelan some how you have managed to get yourself and this club mixed up in what for me is massively over blown controversy over text messages. I think that kind of has to be the first thing said here, I am not defending what Mackay did, however they were messages sent privately. That of course doesn't excuse him from anything, but by the way the media are and public figures are going on about it, you would have thought Mackay was to stand trial.

The fact is though, Mr Whelan should have probably let the issue lie. Make a club statement and leave it at that. Instead about 50 interviews last we are left with what now appears to be our chairman being anti-semitic. The question has to be is this the media trying to perceive what they want. Or did Dave Whelan actually come out with such a comment.

I want to say the later, but I doubt we will actually ever now find the truth.

Consequence of all of this now is the FA getting involved. They will probably now reactivate the Mackay case and be brought to a decision, which I can see now going one way. For Mr Whelan unless he can prove what he said was out of context then again he will more than likely feel the wrath of the FA.

Only time will tell what comes from all of this, if nothing else it has been bad press for the club, two of our sponsors have already pulled out claiming they feel their position as sponsers has been compromised. Quite how I am not sure.