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Club News: Players 'Going Halves' With Fans in Festive Period

With the pressure of Christmas and in an economic climate which has seen people struggle for luxuries as going to see the football, nice to see the club take notice and give back to the fans.

Ryan Browne/Getty Images

This Northern Soul this week asked for a call to arms of Wigan fans not to pay the extortionate price of away tickets for the Boxing Day game against Leeds United. Prices at £36 for adults, £24 for concession and £16 for children; show me the Christmas cheer Leeds.

If you have ever been to Wigan, we are one of the better priced clubs in the country. We aren't perfect I think it is important we point that out but I have never heard us charge that high a rate for a Championship game around any time of the year.

So the fans made a stand, online petitions and an open letter to the club. The response shows the club still cares.

After all that has happened in recent weeks it is very hard to think about whether or not this is a family club and the players have shown that they can do that. They have announced they will stump up half the cost for the first 500 tickets to go to Leeds, a very generous offer and one you hope has genuinely come from the players and not from the higher ups.

This clearly isn't going to solve the direct issue of football prices and the costs that some clubs now charge to watch 90 minutes of football, but then our club can't change Leeds prices.

Either way nice to see that club will do something about the situation and they are still listening to us, the fans.