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Club News: Dave Whelan's Extension

Well today was meant to be Dave Whelan's D-Day, however the FA have given our 78 year old chairman more time to explain himself. What does that mean then?

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

We all know the story now our good old Uncle Dave and his rather large mouth is finally starting to get the club into trouble and with his recent out bursts of claimed racists comments have sparked much media debate. Last week Dave Whelan was charged by the FA with a chance to appeal the case, well that was meant to be all done and dusted today; that was until yesterday afternoon.

The FA extending the deadline to Friday 12th for Dave Whelan to come forward and explain his case? But why is that? Do the FA want him to admit that maybe his age is playing a factor and they want a more clean end to this for a man who has change the footballing fortunes for one area of Lancashire? Or do they just not already have enough evidence to make a decision?

There is a lot more riding on this though then our chairman's pride, his status is now on the line. In rage at being accused he said that any guilty status would see him step down from chairman. A response which saw the Wigan faithful stand, cheer and applaud a man who has built the club we see around us.

Maybe that is the reason for the increased deadline. The independent panel have seen the many great things a man has done for his local community. He built a beacon of football in our club and now we have one of the largest community programmes and combine that with the reopened Wigan Boys and Girls club, does that sound like a man who is racist?

Words said in the heat of the moment are very different to words said with intention and maliciousness towards people. I do not condone what our chairman has said, nor previously what Malky Mackay has said, but sometimes people blow out of water the actions of others.

What do you think? Will we see our chairman found guilty and him the subsequently step down? Comment below.