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Club News: New Training Facility Plans Unveiled

They have been long in the making, ever since Dave Whelan forked out some money to get hold of Charnock Richard Golf Club, plans for our new training facilities have been long in the making. Today the club unveiled what it has in mind, it what is a huge step for the club.

Richard Heathcote

When Dave Whelan took over our club all of 19 years ago, he had big plans. The modern 25,000 seater stadium we us week in week out was the early stages of all the plans as we looked to build for a Premier League future. No one believed us, but we made it and now we have to think even longer term.

When Roberto Martinez came to this club as manager. He didn't just look one season ahead, or even two; Roberto was looking a decade ahead. What did this club need to push it on, the answer was improved training and youth facilities which ever since have been improving.

The longer term plan was to move the first team and senior players away from the current Christopher park set up to a new training facility, with the possibility that Christopher park would be renovated for the use of the youth teams. As plans where made in the financial aspect it was up to the club to pro-actively look for somewhere to relocate.

Options were thin on the ground, it looked that the club may have moved to Skelmersdale as the local council had no reservations about the move. The other option was the Wrightington area which saw firm local campaigning against the notion. In the end neither option was needed as Whelan and co found somewhere else.

Charnock Richard Golf Club was about to go bust and so Whelan snapped up the land with the aim to wind down the goal being played there. Disputes did arise when the goal season was closed early, it came to light that the facilities currently at the club where not able to support the golfing community.

That in turn has given the club the chance to assess what to do. Now plans are in motion as the club will unveil what they have to offer to the local village community in the coming weeks. Bar any reservations the club will get planning permission and are looking to complete the work by August 2016, it would give the club category 1 training and academy status and show real progression by the club.

All going well this is a very exciting prospect for the club as a whole and will start to lay the foundations for a continued stable future.

For official details got to the clubs website.