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Club News: Uwe Rosler Linked Away

Newspapers and fans alike are starting to link our gaffer with a move away from the club this summer. So where could he be going?

Clive Brunskill

It was always likely to happen, after such a successful year, it was more than a certainty that he would be linked with a move away from the club. The current rumors are around two clubs, Celtic and Southampton. I think it would be clear to say that both could be good options for a manager to come in and take over from where the former managers left off.

The question though is whether or not Uwe Rosler would leave the club. After less than a season here I would like to think Uwe will stick with it and see us through to the end of at least next season and see what we can do next year. Rosler has already drastically changed the club, and I think there is more to come.

It is clear therefore to see why he is likely to be linked with other clubs, any job that comes open over the summer will be linked with our gaffer. Yet I don't see him leaving for either Celtic or Southampton just yet. If this had come next summer, then it could be a possibility.

With the pool of managers who are available on a free, it would be interesting why Celtic and Southampton would come looking to buy out our managers contract. So yes I reckon they will be actually interested in our manager but I don't think he will be going anywhere this summer.