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Club News: More Friendly Changes for Wigan Athletic

Following the move of the Walsall game tomorrow to behind close doors, all thanks to the lovely Elton John, Wigan have made another change to their friendly schedule and this time it is for the better.

Richard Heathcote

We had two home friendly games stated as the summer and pre-season started to draw on. The first the game tomorrow against Walsall followed up by next weeks clash with Besiktas. Now everything is all change. Earlier in the week the club announced that it would not be playing the game against Walsall in front of a crowd as the game at Leigh Sports Village had to be moved due to the pitch failing an inspection. This was a consequence of an Elton John concert that had taken place the previous month.

Now a decision has been made about the Besiktas game and I am very happy to say that we will be able to see the lads at home before the start of the season as the club has decided to have the game play at The DW Stadium, quite right to!

The game will still be played on the 15th July with a 7:00pm kick off, tickets reasonably priced with Adults playing £10 and Concession tickets at only £5. Not bad for a chance to see the lads taken on a very strong team from Turkey, in what you would hope will be a stern test for the boys.

They need to be ready, as the count down to the Championship season begins with the start of the new season now less than a month away. I for one can not wait for it all to kick back off!