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Club News: Coaching Staff Shuffle

Ever since Rosler took over way back in December there have been rumors of a major haul of our back room staff here at Wigan Athletic. However it appears that Rosler has been perfectly happy with the people at his disposal and has seen no reason to change things, well this time it was taken out of his hand.

Clive Mason

There has already been one change at Wigan Athletic this season as Mike Pollitt retired and replaced the out going Phil Hughes. That looked to be it as Uwe Rosler has never suggested that he wanted to change the team he had at the club and has always seemed happy with the guys around him.

Well changes have been forced on him as youth team/assistant coach John Doolan has decided to up sticks and move north of the border to Hibernian. Of course while we wish John all the best, it seems to have come as a surprise to the club as they weren't expecting him to depart and are therefore short a man in terms of our coaching set up.

Well Rosler has acted quickly to make changes and reshuffle his deck. Officially now Graham Barrow takes over has Uwe Rosler's number two at the club, and to fill the spot left by the out going Doolan, Erick Black has returned to the club. Now then if we are going to talk about signings of the summer, getting hold of Black is a massive boost to the club.

Erick Black has already had a spell at the club when he joined us with Steve Bruce has his number two. Since then the two have parted company as a dynamic duo and Black has been floating around clubs helping out various managers. Now he comes in to add to our coaching staff.

What can we expect? A coach who will get the players disciplined and organised which will add perfectly to the attacking fluidity that that Uwe Rosler brings as a coach to the team.

Great signing and the Rosler Revolution continues!