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Club News: Wigan Set to Recieve European FFP Windfall

Its always nice to get money when you weren't expecting any, well the club could be about to receive a small windfall following our excursion in Europe last season.

Harold Cunningham

Financial Fair Play, for some the needed tonic in this era of excessive spending, for others it doesn't do enough, and for a select few it is an almighty pain in the backside. That is the situation for Manchester City, Paris Saint German and Zenit Saint Petersburg; all of whom were fined over their accounts for breaching European FFP rules.

The fines which will be paid in amounts over the course of the season are subsequently being shared out by UEFA to the clubs which followed the rules, this is a known fact which Michel Platini announced in the past week. With the teams competing last season and this season receiving an equal share.

Which means that little Wigan Athletic looks set to receive a small windfall following our competing in the Europa League last season.

The sum is believed to be around £200,000 which is a tidy sum for following the rules, and shows that maybe this FFP system can work if such measures are going to be the structure of how the money will be used to help support other clubs, as well as fine and impair the offending clubs.