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Club News: Training Ground Give Final Go Ahead

Well the legacy from the Premier League could be finally about to get underway. The club have looked to continually develop from our time in the top flight and now we are about to make a massive step forward in that process.

Richard Heathcote

It was under Roberto Martinez that the club agreed to have a new training and youth facilities built. The club looking to buy a new training ground and then to renovate Christopher Park for youth development with the club looking to push for category one status.

The plans since then have changed and evolved as the environment and the clubs situation has changed. Yet Jonathan Jackson has spear headed the clubs need for the training ground to be built and following the purchase of Charnock Richard golf club we have had plans drawn up.

What was found from this was that the club could move all level of the club to the new complex. All levels of the team will move to new facilities upon its completion, with space still to expand if needed in the future. Very exciting!

The hope was that work could begin within a month of planning permission being given. That hope could now be a reality, with planning permission now given. The club will then look to get everything up and running and with a completion date set for the August 2016.

This is the biggest development at the club since the building of the DW Stadium in 1999. With the club closing in on two decades of Dave Whelan ownership we continue to develop and look toward the future.