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Club News: Dave Whelan's Six Week Ban

Well we knew it was coming, but a ban for a chairman who out right owns the club and the ground in which we play in is very interesting.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Dave Whelan still has time to appeal against the decision which has been set out by the FA, but I doubt that he will do. The short and long of it is that our chairman has a six week ban from all footballing activities and a £50,000 fine as well as going on an education course. It means that he can't attend any game or be involved in any transfer over the forth coming period. Not that he would be massively influential in those much these days with Jonathan Jackson taking the reigns in that departure for the most part.

The long findings of it don't look good for Whelan, in the face of the pure facts you have to see why the FA went with the Guardian. The paper was unable to provide a transcript of the conversation, however on the other hand Dave Whelan was unable to clearly define what he did or did not say.

That kind of statement makes it hard for any sort of fight to be made against what was published. Therefore the FA has to take the written comments to be true.

Coming down to the major question now as will Dave Whelan stand aside as chairman? If it is likely to happen then maybe it will come in the next few days or weeks. However I can't see it, Dave Whelan is not someone who cares what other people think.

Maybe now is the time, with a charge as has happened and with the club appearing to be slipping back into League One. A change at the helm could change the feel for the club. Last week David Sharpe, Whelan's grandson was brought onto the board with the view surely the longevity of the club.