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Club News: Dave Whelan Retires as Chairman

With rumours of sale in the past week or so, you wondered when the silence around the club would be broken. That happened today at lunch time with the news of Dave Whelan's resignation as the club's chairman.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Many times over his tenure as chairman of the club Dave Whelan has been close to leaving, or so reports have said, each time there has been a renewed vigour and determination within the now 78 year old.

Yet following his six week ban and £50,000 fine, everything has proven too much and Mr Whelan is now going to look forward to some much deserved retirement.

He probably couldn't have tied it in nicer really in terms of timing. It is now 20 years ago when he took over the club and ten years ago since our promotion push to the Premier League. All in all the signs have defiantly aligned that it was time.

The Whelan family will remain owners of the club, majority owners, the power of that ownership though will now pass onto the shoulders of young David Sharpe; the grandson of Dave Whelan. It has been rumoured for some time that he would take over the reins and in the past 12 months or so he has continually stepped into roles at the club.

When the racism incident occurred, David was moved into the board and that probably signalled the end of Dave's rein as chairman.

In an official statement on the clubs website Dave Whelan said:

"The time has now come to hand over the reins. I am approaching 80 years old and spend an increasingly long time abroad, and cannot make it to games. It is a decision I have been mulling over for some years and I believe David is now ready."

"Contrary to some suggestions, there are no plans to sell the club, which will remain in family hands and I have every confidence that David, along with Chief Executive Jonathan Jackson, will lead us forwards with wisdom. "

"In making this announcement, I would like to say huge thank you to the Board of Directors, all the staff at the club, and of course the wonderful supporters of Wigan Athletic, who have helped make the journey over the past 20 years such an exciting and memorable one."

Source: Wigan Official Website

Thank you Uncle Dave! You have changed the shape and fortunes of this club. You have given us all our most memorable moment as Wigan fans and will forever be remember as the man who changed the face of football in Wigan.