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The Reaction to Dave Whelan's Departure

The above video I have to say brought a tear to my eye. The man who has eternally changed our club stepped down yesterday. But what has been the reaction to such news.

I think it is probably appropriate to start with former manager, player and the man who Whelan has the up most respect for in Roberto Martinez. The now Everton manager was talking ahead of his sides game this evening at their press conference and paid tribute to our chairman.

'I've been privileged to be first hand to see how a successful and driving footballing man has given so much to the town and he has created an incredible example for football."

'Any football club can now have the dream of playing in the Premier League and winning a major trophy, he has shown the way to do that. It is an incredible footballing story."

'I am sure that it is going to inspire many generations to come.'

'His legacy will carry on for a long, long time. He has been a chairman of the club in every single division, and he was a player in every single division, that is quite a special feature of the English game.'"

Source: Wigan Vital Football

Current club captain Gary Caldwell also spoke of the man who helped bring him to the club and the influence that Dave Whelan has been in the dressing room and around the club.

"Everyone connected with Wigan Athletic owes Dave Whelan a lot."

"What he’s done for this football club will live with us forever."

"He feels it’s the right time to be handing over to David Sharpe and we all wish him good luck to him moving forward."

"He’d come into the dressing room before and after a game, offering encouragement to the boys, and we appreciated that"

Source: Wigan Today

And what about from our new Chairman David Sharpe? We he took to Twitter to congratulate his Granddad for the past 20 years of service to the club.

Former player Mario Melchiot had this to say via twitter:

And to finish a lovely tweet looking at just what has happened in Dave Whelan's time at the club: