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Club News: Wigan Athletic Sack Malcky Mackay

It is too little too late for the club, and a manager who has very much over stayed his time with the club has finally parted company from us.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Signed by former chairman Dave Whelan has the man who would get us out of the mess that Uwe Rosler had left us in and begin the rebuilding of the club as we appeared to go stagnate. Instead what has happened is a complete and utter collpase of the team as we continue to sink closer and closer to relegation.

Maybe that is unfair on a manager who had so much to do. But in the end the Scotsman proved to be the wrong appointment, and David Sharpe has now made his first offical move as club chairman and axed the man his granddad brought in.

You have to say had it not been for our home form over recent weeks he would have gone ages ago!

There is no news about a replacement or who is now in charge for the time being. The next few days are likely to be full of movement as the club looks for its fourth manager since 2013!