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Club News: Wigan Athletic Appoint Gary Caldwell

Well that didn't take long!!

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The appointment of not just a temporary manager but a completely new manager has taken just over 24 hours! While I was just in the process of writing up about the reign of Malckay Mackay the news has broken that Gary Caldwell former Wigan Athletic player will now mange the club and has a permanent contract.

Many people will question this decision by young David Sharpe, but Caldwell could be the man to rebuild and start about the new chapter at the club.

Speaking to the club's website Gary said:

"I’ve made no secret of the fact that I wanted to move into management when the time was right,"

"I didn’t expect that to come along as quickly as this but, in football, you need to take opportunities when they arise and I am honoured and excited in equal measures to take charge at the Latics, where I have shared such incredible memories over the past five years."

"We are in a really tough place at the moment, but we will approach the next five games with only one thing in mind, to win. After that, we will assess where we are and move on."

Source: Official Club Website

It is nothing short of a bold move by our new chairman and maybe that is what he wants. Something as a statement to us as fans that he is taking this seriously and that he wants to truely rebuild this team. Mr Sharpe hasn't brought in someone from outside he had gone and got a man who know's Wigan Athletic and was brought about under the Roberto Martinez school of thinking.

Like Gary Monk, maybe Gary Caldwell could be the next great disciple of Roberto Martinez, and hopefully he will be the man to lead us into a new era at the club.

Firstly though he has to pull off a miracle and keep us in the Championship!