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Club News: Dave Whelan Life President and Statue Announced

If there has been one man who you would associate with Wigan Athletic over past two decades it is of course Dave Whelan. Now the club wish to honour his achievements.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

David Sharpe our new chairman and grandson to former chairman Dave Whelan, has today announced that the club will recognise all of Mr Whelan's achievements as chairman of the football club. It has been announced that he will be made life president with plans of a statute to be built outside the ground announced.

Dave Whelan who took the club to the Premier League, financed out new stadium and help the club won the FA Cup will always go down as a legend. It is time that we gave the man credit for just what he did for this club and these kind of gestures will mean a lot to him I am sure.

To reminisce about that all Dave Whelan did for the club, check out my article looking back at his twenty year reign as chairman.