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Club News: Channel Five TV Deal What Does It Mean?

For a good number of years as the money in English football as grown the Premier League has continued to get more and more of it. So much so our lower league are often over looked. The new TV deal sees a change in the tide.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

The idea of Channel Five having the football league highlights isn't something new. Once upon a time ITV use to have the rights and the show was always late of a night (11:30 pm GMT). Now though thanks to modern technology and Channel Five forking out some money we Football League viewers will be getting more and more access to our teams footage.

Firstly a brand new show and at prime time on a Saturday evening. Don't worry football fans you can still watch Match of the Day at 10:30pm, the new Channel Five show will be running at 9pm for 90 minutes. So you will get back to back hours of football and can be asleep for 12pm.

Good news for parents across the country I no doubt!

The other good news is that Channel Five have now got the rights to showing highlights of the Carling Cup and the Johnstone Paint Trophy. Again more appropriate highlight show times are being rumoured.

It is of course huge news for the entire Football League and finally gives the 72 a chance to shine at a more appropriate day on UK TV rather than at the end of what can be a very long day for some football fans.