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Club News: Tim Chow Signs New Contract

One of the stars of the Gary Caldwell reign so far has penned a new two year deal.

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

One of the young players who is held in high regard by the club and has won recognition for his footballing ability since being at club, was all but out the door before Gary Caldwell took over. Told by Malcky Mackay that he was no longer needed the midfielder was looking elsewhere for football.

Roll the clock forward and Gary at the helm, the midfielder was given the green light and a starting birth by our young manager. A goal on his début against Brighton followed by some excellent assured performances showed the talent the player is.

With his contract up this summer it was possible the player could be moving on, yet today the club announced that he has signed a new two year deal and player and manager couldn't be happier. Both speaking to the offical club website expressed their happiness at the deal being down.

Caldwell went on to add:

"Credit to him, he took his chance at the end of last season and he was given that chance because of his application and the way he trained and he provides a good example to all of our young players of what is required."

Source: Official Wigan Site

One more deal done and more to come in the following weeks.