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Big Season For: Jordi Gomez

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A look at five players who next season will be big for. We start with the marmite of the Wigan squad. You either love Jordi or hate Jordi, and for a while he has split opinion of Wigan fans, yet the Spaniard impressed last season, and he could be an integral part of our Championship squad.

Paul Thomas

Oh Jordi Gomez, what are we going to do with you? When you signed for the club we all felt that it was a steal of a signing and that you could promise so much. Yet it has taken you the better part of four season to prove yourself to us here at Wigan. Now I think we all kind of like you.

We have moaned about you lack of work load and you inability to win the ball, yet you have reacted. Now you run for the ball and you even make a few magnificent tackles. Then on the ball you make the difference that beautiful passing that can open defensive up so well and make chances that just beg to be finished.

The assist count for Jordi last season was second only to Shaun Maloney, while you managed to get eight goals last season, you best return for Latics.

So what can we expect from you in the Championship? If what you were like last time is anything to go by, then we are all in for a real treat.

When Jordi was on loan at Swansea City during the 2008/09 season he lit up the Championship and was one of the stand out performers for the club. Opening up defensive with ease and managing to bag 12 goals in the space of 44 games.

Off the main striker the midfielder may be at his best, finding the gaps and feeding the wide men or the forward trying to set the attacks of the team going forward. We all know just what he can do, and hopefully with the extra space you can sometimes find in the Championship Gomez may come into his own.