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Big Season For: Callum McManaman

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This young man is an obvious one for a big season. The winger who came to prowess at the end of last season has a big career ahead of him and this forth coming season could the foundation of his career. Making the most of any game he plays in will be important for Callum.

Paul Thomas

Callum McManaman has pledged to stay with the club for next season, with 55 games to play the winger will be a massive part of the squad next season if we manage to keep hold of him. That is a big question has many clubs are reportedly interested in the winger. With three years left on his contract we will be in no hurry to sell the players.

At the age of 22 and after the performances he put in at the back end of least season, the winger has the world at his feet now, and a full consistent season will do his career the world of good. The chance to play regularly and to play in the Europa League will be a big thing for Callum.

If he terrorized some of the country's best full backs last season, then what hope have some of the Championship defenders? You have to say very little if Callum can hit the same for again. With pace and that other big factor unpredictability about him Callum scares defenders.

For me it if a quite exciting prospect to see how McManaman will be deployed next season. Owen Coyle likes to play with two fast wide men who will get into attacking positions get the ball into the box and get shots on goals themselves. If Coyle stays to that, then Callum would be deployed in the best way possible for the winger.

Macca already have 14 Championship games under his belt with two goals scored. Hopefully this time round he can get goals in double figures and help the club march towards a league title next season.