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Big Season For: James McCarthy

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The highly rated midfielder if he stay at Wigan will have a massive role to lead the midfield and marshal everything that goes on for us. With 55 games to play as a minimum James will have o be fully fit to hit the ground running from day one to play the majority of the games.

Christopher Lee

The midfield maestro that so many clubs are apparently chasing will have to put in a big season whoever he is playing for. As James McCarthy turns 23 in November this year, he enters a stage in his career where he will start to truly make a name for himself; so far he has managed to slip under the radar and quite a few supporters in the country haven't quite noticed what a talent he is.

That said if he plays for us next season he will look that much better, and that is because he is now playing at a level lower than the Premier League, but even last season James looked better than most players. What next season is all about for me, is can James play all of our 55 games at a high level and really spear head his career.

With a new manager and a slightly change of tactics can James adapt? Will he continue to play his industrious box to box midfielder role. Personally I want to see him get forward more and score some goals, James showed early on in his time at Wigan that given the chance he can bang in the goals, the past two season he has struggled to take his chances.

More goals, more games and keep the rest the same from James. It is a case of keep the same level of performance, stay true to his playing style and wait for one of the true big boys of English football to come calling, that is if none do come knocking this summer. If we get an offer in the region of £12 million, then I think it will be hard for Dave Whelan to say no to.