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Editors Blog: Wigan's Best Starting Eleven - Formation

Well it has been a quite past week, well for some people and player! And with the League about to start back up, we all have to be hoping that maybe just maybe Wigan can burst back onto the scene. But who and what should be our best eleven?

Gareth Copley

What is going to be a serious of articles looking around just at what would be our best line up, and starting with this piece. Just what is our best formation? That is of course where you have to begin, managers have formations and tactics that they like to use and then they build their teams around them.

Now for us (Wigan) the team had been built up by Roberto Martinez over years to play in a 3-4-3 or 5-3-2 formation. So the players, training and everything within the club had been built up around this belief and it all hinged on playing passing flowing football.

After Roberto's departure Owen Coyle and now Uwe Rosler have been tasked with getting that playing style in a successful manner.  In the early days of Rosler's reign it looked to have worked and it was all going to click. The success came from that 3-4-3 formation.

Three strong solid centre backs, with two flying wingers for a defence. A midfield of two box to box midfielders who can control the pace and tempo of the  game, with three attackers who have the guile and creativity to score and create goals. Looking at the team then and now we have the players to play this formation.

Rosler though as we know loves to play in a 4-3-3 formation. A solid back line, with two full back who can get forward when they have the time. Three midfielders who will press high up the park and can run all game, and three very direct attackers who will get at the opposition defenders. Yet again the squad has the ability to slip into this formation.

The players Rolser has at his disposal can play in either of the two formations, and I think at the moment the short fall in performances has been the players transitioning into the new formation and tactical ideals the current gaffer has.

There are two clear formations and tactical games the team can play, which way will we go? Well surely it will be the Rosler way in 4-3-3 formation. But is that going to be the way we want to go? And will it be successful?

What do you think? Vote below for your favoured formation.