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Editors Blog: Wigan's Best Starting Eleven - Centre Backs

So you picked the formation and well it was a dead heat! It wasn’t even close as to whether it should be three at the back or not, it’s a dead heat between 3-4-3 and 4-3-3. Therefore I am going to let you make up your mind on centre backs and see if there are three or two who are close together.

Clive Brunskill

Ivan Ramis

Such a talented centre back and is probably one of the first names on the team sheet for Uwe Rosler week in week out. Showed in the Premier League he could handle it and has slowly adapted his game to playing in the Championship, he isn’t going to beat anyone for pace or out muscle players but his ability is in his composure on the ball and quick thinking.

Defiantly the man we want at the back when fit and with it being his contract up in the summer, you would hope the club are looking to renew it if we can fit his wages on the current structure. Ramis would be a massive miss if he left.

If I am honest it wouldn’t surprise me to see a Merseyside team (Everton) came knocking for him in the summer. But would he be a starter for you here at Wigan?

Emmerson Boyce


The captain and fan favourite, do I need to even bother talking about him? I really don’t think I need to if I am honest. It is a case of though do you play Boyce as a centre back or a flying full back? Under Rosler it looks like he has been moved back into the centre, and for me that is where the captain shines.

Does he fit into your line up?

Leon Barnett

The beast that is Barnett was a massive player under Owen Coyle for us and was destined to be our player of the season if it hadn’t been for an injury last year. Instead he slipped out the team and out of Rosler’s head. Yet every time the defender has played this season he hasn’t let the team down.

Very much a championship style defender, fast and strong and to me compliments Ivan Ramis for a perfect match. Barnett isn’t the best reader of the game, yet he makes up for that in winning tackles and headers. Which some players we have aren’t always able to do.

Des Barnett make it into you starting 11?

Rob Kiernan


Young and clearly talented, a player who will go far and be a big player for us in the future, unfortunately he has been over played and lost his way. From playing it simple winning the ball and being a stand out player, has taken on that youth edge and lost that clear mindedness that characterised his early season performances.

Someone for the future, but does he get a chance to play in you starting 11?

Thomas Rogne

We haven’t seen a lot of this player over his time with the team, and I don’t see us seeing much of him at all really. Struggled with injuries last year and possibly not one of the current coaching staff’s top picks, he is a young player though and maybe he could develop into something special here at the club.

Tall lad and when I have seen Thomas plays he does have a very physical presence, and came with a high reputation from Celtic. It was a bit of a coup his signing. Should he be given the chance to play for the team?

Gary Caldwell

The former captain, struggling with injuries and there in case of server back up. Defiantly someone who is slowly going to move into the coaching staff, you hear that he has a massive influence within the team and that he controls the dressing room in a way. To me looks likely to be the next Mike Pollitt someone who is always around and will eventually become part of the furniture here at the club.

Do you want his experience to be in starting line up at the moment?