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Editors Blog: I'm From Wigan Me!

Last year it was believe in Wigan, is this season we are proud to be from Wigan. You may have heard Dave Whelan refer recently, during a interview after the Manchester City, about a song sang by the Towns very own Chockinfeckle.

The original song which you find here, shows the town with some historical landmarks. In the run up to the cup final a new song (above) has been produced to rely the clubs success in the cup. The original song got to me, but the new one has something else about it, and really gets the brain going about that day last May.

It also gives me the massive boost that yet again we are going to Wembley and the lads have been playing out of their skins the past few weeks under Uwe Rosler. Now has we start to tire due to a sheer amount of games, I think it is time that we stood up as a fan base and paid the players back. Make sure you give your all in the coming months for the lads. Sing, shout and jump has hard as you can and push them on to pass, run and jump that extra 10%.

Keep remembering no-one believed we would get to the Premier League, but we did; no-one believed we would win the FA Cup but we did. And now we have the chance to do it all over again in one season, so remember boys and girls lets keep believing and remember....

We are Wigan! And you don't write us off.