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Championship Round Up: Two Clubs Remain Unbeaten into International Break

Well with the league football stopped for the intentional break it allows managers to look at their squad for an extra week after the close of the transfer window. It also gives players time to get themselves sharper and teams more gelled together.

Jordan Mansfield

Five games in and only two teams have remained unbeaten. One of the league favorites Nottingham Forest lead the way top of the pile with 13 points, the other team still unbeaten is London club Charlton. Both of them are doing so well this year due to strikers finding the back of the net.

For Forest it is Assombalonga and for Charlton FC it is Vetokele. Both players their teams top goalscorer's and also leading the way in terms of the leagues top goalscorers. Showing just how important investing money in a goalscorer will lead you to success.

Showing just why the likes of Blackpool FC and Fulham are struggling at the bottom of the table as they don't have any player scoring the goals they need. Speaking of Blackpool it is all change in their management as both their assistance and head coaches leaving the club. Jose Riga leaving the club with them now looking for a new manager, a job that will need someone looking to take on a massive challenge, to try and save them from relegation.

As it looks with the Championship table we have a team at the top we would expect and one at the bottom we would also expect. It is the mix in the middle which has yet to sort itself out. Fulham yet to win, with the likes of Millwall FC and Sheffield Wednesday still impressing.

Seems to be a lot of teams who could be potential promotion candidates, it is going to be a season where everyone could take points of everyone. If there is to be a clear runaway team one has yet to show itself, that said if Forest carry on the way they have started then they could break away from the rest of the league.