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Monthly Review: A Sticky September

On the face of it September was a good month for the club. Eight points from five games is mid-table form and only one defeat show you the stats, but it was underneath the surface were all wasn’t looking so good.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

On paper we are probably after September where you would have thought. Mid-table struggling for some cohesion, chuck the large number of injuries we have had over the past month and you can almost forgive the side for not having done better.

That said we have struggled in game and that shows through. The 1-1 and 2-2 draws against Oldham and Milwall respectively are case and point. In both games we dominated large portions of the ball and the game yet we couldn’t take advantage of our lead position and were peg backed to only collecting one point.

A theme is defiantly appearing here and much like last season it is coming in the final third.

Although we have goals in us, without Will Griggs and Craig Davies up front we look a lot weaker. Even the impressive form of Micheal Jacobs can’t help us out there, the summer signing Jacobs very much came to the forefront in September with two goals and some real creative play.

The other big player to come onto the scene in September was Jordan Flores who looked a natural in the heart of our midfield, before getting himself sent off against Oldham Athletic. That was after a debut goal against Fleetwood Town the week before.

I could go on! There have been some exceptional individual displays this past month, and that is just my point. We still look very much like a group of individuals at times, goals we concede are because of lone errors and which you have to link due to poor team organisation.

Of course it will come with time the players need to get game time together under their belts and a consistent starting 11 would help matters. Hopefully in the coming weeks once everyone is back fit that will change and allow the team to start building on the strong foundations that we are starting to lay at the moment.

Our strong home form is a good starting point and September has given us more of a spring pad for the rest of the season. Picking up points and winning is a habit and one we haven’t been use to in over a year and especially not with this team. Like I have been saying, it is just going to take some time.