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Editors Blog: Gary Caldwell The Chosen One?

Change begets change, our club is now fully in a period of transition could our latest change begin to point us in the right direction?

Julian Finney/Getty Images

The changes at this club have been on going now since that fateful day in May in 2013. Since we won the FA Cup there has been one thing after another at this club. We have yet to get the appointment of the next manager right, and that eventually led to Dave Whelan walking away as well. His later appointment was that of Malcky Mackay, that was before Whelan hand reigns over to David Sharpe.

So we are now the club with the youngest chairman, Mr Sharpe only 23 years old, and our chairman has decided that youth is the way forward with the appointment of 32 year old Gary Caldwell as the club's new manager.

Crazy decisions or stroke of genius? The arguments have been flying about all over the place, and the outcome will of course unfold in front of us. The one thing you can't deny though is the amount of former players who are congratulating their former Captain for getting the position. James McArthur, Jordi Gomez and Daniel Redmond to name but three players who have congratulate Caldwell.

You starting to feel positive yet? Probably not so let's start talking some hard cold facts.

The man we have appointed has been at our club for five years, as you can already see and will know he is much loved amongst current and former players. He was a leader on the pitch and had it not been for a body that was letting him down Caldwell would still be our captain on the pitch and marshalling the team.

The chance to do it from the sideline looks like a great option.

So what experience does he bring to the table? Well minus the three years in Premier League with us he has four years of experience at Celtic in which he featured in the Champions League as well as captaining the side. At the same time as all that he amassed 55 caps for his country and also captained them as well.

A very impressive haul of experience, part of both and successful Celtic and Wigan team, and it is the reason for his move from Celtic to Wigan that has me, David Sharpe and I hope the rest of the fans excited. Caldwell was brought in by and Schooled by Roberto Martinez, the man who I think we can all agree began to define our football club.

Roberto is the man who started to make us sustainable, who dreamt of the new training ground and who brought us our brand of football. Gary wants to bring that all back to a reality and I question why shouldn't he be able to? The easy parody to look at is another former Martinez defender in Gary Monk and the job that he is doing at Swansea City; is the name Gary going to continue the success.

Our Gary has five free passes between now and the end of the season. A chance to see what he has at the club and to begin to build for next season, whether that is League One or the miracle of a Championship stay.

Either way I am beginning to see a future again. The old generation is clearing and as the older board members look to leave the club and new people come in, we are going to see another chapter in our club and maybe once again we can rise from the ashes.

Keep the faith!