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Kone calls time at Wigan

The Ivorian striker has decided he wants to end his time with Wigan Athletic

Paul Thomas

Arouna Kone seems to have decided that his time at Wigan Athletic may be over. He told reporters today that he intends to move to a bigger club in the Premier League. Kone, 29, has stated he would like to play European football for one of the top clubs.

Roberto Martinez has been quoted to say "The best is yet to come" from Kone and the toffee's manager is reportedly believed to be interested in bringing the player to Everton, a well suited move.

This news doesn't surprise me, I'm more surprised at how long it has taken the lad come out and announce this. Kone was incredibly valuable to us last season and I was even surprised he joined the club in the first place. He definitely has what it takes to play for a top club and I believe Everton is the perfect place. Familiar manager, great supporting team and solid striking role.

With two years left on his contract, Kone has said he will see it out unless an offer that is both good for him and Wigan comes in. I'm not sure on how much we may be able to sell the lad for, perhaps around the £5 million mark depending on the club and interest.

With Kone taking the step will more soon follow? Wigan are expected to loose a few plays now we've dropped out of the top flight, but just who will leave? Do you think anyone will go? Leave your comments below!