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Coyle Reels in Perch

Coyle dips into the transfer market again; this time bringing in 27 year-old James Perch. The versatile right back moved from Newcastle for an undisclosed fee believed to be around £750,000.

Wigan fans can agree we need to keep filling out our roster, so it’s usually good news every time a transfer comes in. In the case of James Perch, it’s great news. The Englishman will not only help our struggling defense, but he’ll also bring Championship and Premiership experience (76 and 65 appearances respectively.)

Perch is also often noted for his versatility. He can play any position across the defensive line and some midfield as well. It’s always good to have players like this, especially when injuries hit the team. Perch gives Coyle the opportunity to patch up any shaky spots in the lineup.

At Newcastle, Perch saw quite a bit of first team action but never got that week in, week out starting spot. At Wigan, he should be looking to be a regular on Coyle’s list of 11. On the transfer, Perch said, “It feels great to be here with a new challenge ahead of me, and I’m very excited at getting that started.”

This signing, along with the signing of Thomas Rogne, shows just how committed Coyle is to bolstering the defense. With these two signings so early in the transfer window, the direction the club is moving looks promising.