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All I Want for Deadline Day Mr Coyle is...

Ah deadline day, don't we all love it? The excitement and glamour as players jump ship without a seconds thought and transfer fees go through the roof. Mangers and players hate it, yet we the fans love it.

Matthew Lewis

With this miracle day now only one sleep away I asked my fellow writers here at Pie Eaters Footie to tell me just who they would like to see signing on Monday. The unanimous answer was for a new striker, while other positions in the team have been identified as possible weak spots.

The recurring theme was the need for a striker. Wigan currently only have two forwards and with the games already starting to pile up it is just to much of a work load for two forwards. As shown with Holt missing the weekend we have no back up once our current strikers are injured or tired after the game of their lives.

Tom (Newsdesk) though could be right on the money:

"We need another striker which either brings us to Jordan Rhodes or Ricardo Vaz Te."

Jason (Match reporter) was also going down similar lines in his choice of striker that Owen Coyle should be looking at bringing into the club.

"If I was Owen Coyle I’d try to sign Jordan Rhodes, Shola Ameobi, Ricardo Vaz Te"

Adam though (Analyst) was going down a different angle targeting a player who has already been on the books and could do a good job.

"We need someone who can find the net in a different way to Holt, but not steal his starting position. And I think Angelo Henriquez of Man Utd would be a brilliant move. We loaned the lad in last January and I think bringing him back on loan would depth to our striking force. He's quick and needs games to develop."

Other positions of interest to come up was the midfield. Both Adam and Tom said we need to bring in a young talented player, Tom looking at Manchester United's Nick Powell; while Adam is looking to Germany for Moritz Leitner of Borussia Dortmund (what a coupe that would be).

Jason though said another right winger would be a must for him but is unsure of a target. Tom chipping in with a name of Victor Moses, the player could be on his way to Liverpool maybe we could hijack the move?

Whatever happens it is likely to be surprising and we will have no idea that it is going to happen on the craziest day in the footballing calender.